Wroughton Folk Dance Club

English Country Dancing for 35 years in the village of Wroughton in Wiltshire

Chair - Terry Mockler - 01666 577526                   chair@wroughtonFDC.org.uk

Secretary - Judith Randall-Sly 01793 521798      secretary@wroughtonFDC.org.uk

Treasurer - Caroline Markham - 01249 818843   treasurer@wroughtonFDC.org.uk

General Enquiries                                                       info@wroughtonFDC.org.uk

Subscriptions Secretary - Shirley Norman

Brenda Robinson

Hazel Chalkin

Mark Osborne

James Reade


The Committee

If you need more information about us please contact us by e-mail at info@wroughtonFDC.org.uk


Alternatively you may contact any of the committee members listed below who will welcome any questions you may have;

How to contact us